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Fat Shaming Yourself (“Here come da judge”)

When I was out in California at The Life Coach School, one of our practical assignments was to buy a treat – something we really love and rarely allow – to bring back to class after lunch.   For me, I decided this had to be pizza.  Not normally something I would buy...

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Chasing the Dragon

Chasing the Dragon is a reference to what heroin addicts go through.   The first time they use heroin, the high is utter euphoria – unlike anything ever experienced before.   The second time they use it, not so much.   Then the entire time the addict keeps on using...

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Compelling “Why”

We all need a compelling "why" before we can move forward.  Why are you here reading this? Why do you want to stop the overeating for good? Why do you want to lose ___ pounds? These are the most important questions you can ask yourself! Without a good strong “why,”...

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One Foot in Front of the Other – Walk!

I had a tough winter through January to March.   Did you? My husband had passed away at the end of the year, I regained some pounds eating my way through the initial shock and grief, the last two winters had developed into unidentified lung issues for me, and I...

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Find Your Fuel

Do you need yet another program telling you “eat this, not that?”  I see thousands of weight loss programs and workshops out there focused on nutrition and how to eat. But the truth is, you already know what to eat.  My first Weight Watchers leader, Claudine, was...

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Fat Mom

Recently I was out in California for The Life Coach School, which was an incredible experience.  While we attendees were coaching each other, my mom’s weight came up.  She was nearly 400 pounds.  When I was small, early elementary school, I became so ashamed that I...

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Boredom Eat

The subject of boredom eating came up today. It has long been my food spiral.  I’m bored, so I’ll eat because the bag of chips is so much more fun than just sitting there.  But eventually I stop eating or hit the bottom of the bag, and guess what? I’m still bored! ...

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So, What Are You Feeling?

When I was a devoted Weight Watchers attendee, the leader asked the question, “When you are wanting to snack in the evening, what are you feeling?” She immediately followed with this “and don’t say, “I don’t know” because that is a cop-out. You are feeling something,...

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Life Turns on a Dime

Okay, I am rethinking my entire website and blog again. So the next time you visit, it could all change. Not that I’m one of those indecisive creatures who go into great dramatics over which flavor of ice cream they want on their cone. Well, maybe sometimes. No, don’t...

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The Great Yo-Yo

It took decades to unlock the keys to permanent weight loss.  It started in my 30's.  No wait, it actually started in fifth grade.  Yes, you read that right.  My little friend and I decided we were "fat."  She told me that her mother would "diet" and get thinner.  So...

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