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Are You Eating For Comfort?

Are you constantly eating for comfort? There is a connection to this that is exactly the connection I had when I quit smoking the last time (I had quit once before). The first time I quit smoking was horrible, like kicking heroine. Seriously. The last time I quit was...

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Joann’s Kale Salad Recipe

My kale salad recipe was requested at my live seminar, so I thought I would share it here as well. The topic of eating foods just because you think they are “diet” food was discussed and someone brought up kale. There was a group groan. But then I sheepishly shared...

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The Weight Loss Mindset

Last week I delivered my first in-person seminar, The Weight Loss Mindset, locally in the Hudson Valley. Yes, I was nervous in the weeks leading up to this, that is until I created the presentation tablet covering the bullet points for seminar/workshop. When I was all...

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The Ultimate Cheat Sheet

Cheating on your “diet” or just cheating on the healthy eating patterns you want to maintain? What are you thinking? Seriously - what are you thinking? When you are pulled by that urge and head to the kitchen, what was in your head? Whenever you eat anything, you...

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Emotional Hunger

One more piece to the overeating puzzle: The Emotional Hunger Scale.  In my last couple of blog entries, I’ve discussed the physical hunger scale and keeping a Super Powerful Eating Journal.  So if you've been using those tools, you're beginning to identify your...

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A New Kind of Food Journal

Have you noted your food in a journal, counting calories or counting points until you want to stick pins in your eyes? Me too.  My inner rebel eventually emerges and silently screams, “I don’t want to add up all those numbers anymore!”  But it is, nevertheless, an...

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The Ultimate Hunger Scale

Have you ever encountered a “hunger scale” before? I had seen it before, but never really understood the full use for this until last year.  What I’ve learned about the hunger scale in the past year has been revolutionary.  This can change your entire relationship to...

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What Is Your Sure-Fire Diet Plan?

Would you like to know the magic list of foods that will help you drop weight like crazy? Me too.  But something I’ve learned over the years is that there is no one-size fits all list of foods to eat.  Recently I posted the link to an article in The Washington Post...

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Can You Have Your Cake and Eat It Too?

Do you still mentally berate yourself for the things you do that you think were wrong/stupid/useless/weak? I got a card that made me laugh right out loud, because it was cute, funny, and hit a truth.  It was a prairie dog with a birthday hat on, fork in hand with...

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The Big Backslide

It happens – the big backslide. You find yourself off in a different environment for a few days or something happens that totally throws you off your game.  I spent Christmas out in California with family.  The five days I was out there was an overload of fabulous...

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