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Young Girl with ExcaliberNot long ago I came across a fascinating article.  It immediately captured my imagination. A little girl pulled a sword out of the lake believed to be the lake that holds King Arthur’s sword. How fantastic is THAT! King Arthur received Excalibur from The Lady of the Lake at Dozmary Pool and when he was dying, he returned and threw Excalibur back into Dozmary. Along comes a little girl centuries later and pulls a sword out of the lake. I mean, come ON.

When she first told her dad she could see a sword under the water, he said, “Don’t be silly, it is probably just a piece of fencing.” But no, she pulled Excalibur out of the shallow water. Her dad says he believes it is most likely a movie prop left behind. He says that the sword appears to be only 20 to 30 years old. I am executing my very best 7-year-old eye roll – dads are like that. My dad was like that. If I had pulled a 1-pound diamond out of the earth, he would’ve said, “It’s probably just glass, Jo Jo. Put it back.”

What I want to hear is HER story about this sword – before she starts believing what her “Da” says. I bet it is a wonderful story about swimming in Dozmary, perhaps secretly pretending The Lady of the Lake was there when she first spotted the hilt underwater. “Da” didn’t believe her, but she believed and reached out to take the sword from The Lady of the Lake. A much better story than “bits of fencing” or old movie props! I hope she spins this for all it’s worth and enjoys every second of holding Excalibur in her keeping.

The actual facts of what happened, is what both of them would agree on:

They were paddling around Dozmary Pool.
She spotted something metal underwater.
She pulled a sword out of Dozmary.

Those are the facts of reality. Anything more is story and belief. Her dad’s story is no more plausible than what her story of the sword may be, or even what my presumed story for her might be! I think MY story is far more fun to believe and could even lead the trajectory of this little girl’s future. She might become more of a risk taker, believing firmly in herself; for she clearly knows a sword from a bit of fencing, eh?

This, my friends, is exactly how we create our lives. It is not so much about the facts of reality as it is what we believe about them. There are all kinds of possible stories to spin around the facts – stories that make us feel insignificant or stories that can make us feel like we could wield Excalibur in the world. The story we chose to believe will 100% affect the destiny we play out in the world. So chose your story wisely!

Now that you know there is a difference between story and facts, what story would YOU chose to have about the things you’ve experienced? You get to believe ANY story you chose. So consider the path each of your stories in life spin out before you. Do you tell yourself stories that keep you stuck, or do you chose stories that inspire you and make it exciting to face each new day in your life?

If you want to learn more about how to manage your mind to create your best life, reach out to me. I teach widows to coach widows, and change the trajectory of lives! I am Joann The Life Coach, and I can help you change your destiny!

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