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This morning the universe emailed a reminder to me that all the hard and difficult things I’ve ever attempted was only hard and difficult before I began on it. There is so much truth to that. I can look back over the last two years at all the “hard things” I faced and tackled. I can accomplish the same things now with ease, because they were only hard before I first attempted them.

When I launched my podcast, Weight Coach, a year ago; it felt like a year at Harvard to learn how to record, how to sound edited, how to get it hosted and then get it uploaded to iTunes and Google. I had to create a podcast “cover” that the player services would all accept. I had to figure out what to talk about, how to convert the recording file to mp3, on and on.

Man, it was HARD to even think about! But once I tackled it and went through the steps, and then it was done and up on iTunes; I was amazed I did it – it wasn’t as hard as I expected and I was over the moon to have that podcast up! It was heaven!

Just under a year later, I launched my 3rd podcast and did it in one afternoon. BAM. “This is US Podcast” was live!

The thought of writing a book seemed insurmountable. I doubted I even had what it takes to write an entire book, let alone get it out in the world. Crazy hard. Right? Only before I began – because once I committed to it, my Kindle version of “Widowed” was up on Amazon and a bestseller before I knew it! Three months later, it is with a NYC publisher to be released as a paperback in bookstores and online sellers.

Whatever you are facing that feels hard and difficult is only so because of your thoughts around tackling it.

Once you BEGIN to move through the task, your brain will shift as you start to find evidence that it is not as hard as you thought.

Once it is done, your brain will know that it was doable and the next time you face hard and difficult, it will be far easier – more a walk in the park.

On the other side of “hard and difficult” is something AMAZING. Just be brave and walk on into it to find the other side. It is SO worth it.


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Joann Filomena

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