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Can’t do a beach day with the girls because you’re going to be so embarrassed stuffed into a granny one-piece with wobbly thighs hanging out?

Have you ever passed up an event because you didn’t want to be “seen?”

How about passing up an event because you’ve been dieting and you were a little freaked out that you would not be able to eat what was offered at the event or scared you would overeat and blow it?

It became my passion to figure out what really fixes weight issues. Now I’m passionate to teach what I’ve learned about this and help others understand and solve why they struggle with weight to begin with.

Let’s fix this for the last, final time. Let’s do what works and ditch all the insane starvation (which is exactly what a “diet plan” is).

Dieting harms your body and even has psychological repercussions. Stop doing this to yourself. You are not broken, you are not a failure.

On a diet, we are IGNORING BODY SIGNALS. When we start to get hungry too soon, we try to ignore our body signal saying “please eat!” If we are not really hungry, but it’s time to eat – we say, “tough nuggies body – we need to put food in you anyway.” Is there any wonder after all those attempts at a new diet, we’ve totally lost touch with our natural, built-in system that tells us when to eat and how much to eat.

For decades, we’ve all been sold a bill of goods by diet programs and diet products. Even in modern medicine, weight loss is such a lucrative industry there will be resistance to promoting the truth and health and weight.

YOU are the true expert on how much your body needs to fuel it. We all have a built-in, sophisticated communication device and guidance system. It’s called appetite. It whispers to you all day, every day. But you’ve forgotten how to listen. Your expert is built in and you’ve been ignoring it. Think how much you’ve underutilized the most amazing tool you have. The good news is you can start learning TODAY how to get in touch with this guidance system.

If you get in touch with your natural hunger, then your body has a chance to return you to where your brain defends your “set point.” Right now, you have no idea where your true set point is – you are thinking of a weight you want to weigh, but it might not be what your brain has in mind. This is your first mission: Find out what is the weight range your brain and body defends.

If you are overeating and snacking when not hungry, then you probably have “overridden” the range your brain tries to defend. Re-training yourself to get in touch with natural hunger and re-learning what “satiated” means is the way home again.  It will allow your body to slowly drop pounds back to your defended weight range.

I can tell you better than I can write it all out here, so I did a podcast episode on the technique to do this. Please please listen and do not call 1-800-STARVEME ever again. Here is the episode to listen to for your gut instinct and the hunger scale.

Episode 16 of Weight Coach

All this information I share with you is really no substitute for weight coaching.  If you want to see how this can be applied to you and in your life, contact me.  We can upack all this together, as it applies to your unique life and your unique thoughts and beliefs.

In a weekly session on the phone for 6 weeks, the way you look at your life will completely transform and you will become the master of your feelings and your world.  Yes, you can create any result in your life that you choose to.  I can show you how.  Start by scheduling a FREE session.

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