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Make it a Must

Motivation doesn't always come.  You know you want to do something about it – intellectually, you know you should. You can think about all the reasons your life will be better, and all the reasons you should make that change.  So why can’t you get yourself to want to...

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This Is No Time For Small, Easy Changes!

I have read often that we should make slow, permanent changes in our eating and exercise habits so that they become your new lifestyle rather than adopting a temporary fix.   This is not something I have ever found to work for me.  Those slow little changes just do...

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Just the Facts, Ma’am

Never assume your thoughts about what someone said to you are fact. This life lesson came home to roost last night. Back in February this year, I had reached out to Jim's sister, Dorothy, to touch base and chat with her. I adore Dorothy and really needed her as a...

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Quantum Decision

Back in California for the holiday - really wanting to say, "hey, we need to drive a couple of hours north of here - - - there is a patio table I need to visit." I went to El Dorado Hills, California and spent a bundle of my savings because I wanted to become...

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Eating in Peace and with Joy

I have been following and using my own program tools for some time. Some of the most basic tools seem so simplified.  You might read about one of the tools, like the hunger scale, and think, “Well, duh.”  But the point is that you DO these things.  Reading about them...

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How DO Feelings Feel?

It is so surprising how dumbed down we all seem to be about feeling – really feeling. Perhaps it is the amazing pace the world operates at today that does not leave time to even acknowledge the feelings that move through us.  Most of the time, with rare exception,...

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The Disappointment Cycle

Do you find yourself searching from one snack to the next, but you cannot find the one that is going to “do it” for you?  What are you really searching for?  What is driving you to eat a cookie, grab a handful of nuts, get a piece of cheese, try the ice cream . . . ....

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Self Doubt – When It’s All About Me!

Self doubt is a real confidence builder, isn’t it?  Almost always, when self-doubt rears its ugly head, it is a response to something someone else said about us and what we make their statement mean. Confused?  Okay, here is an example.  You go out to dinner with...

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Thinking a Better Thought

Thinking a better thought . . . . I have long thought, "how am I ever going to create a retirement income?" That thought began to stretch and grow to thinking perhaps I deserved a "fabulous retirement income," and I wondered, "how can I create a fabulous retirement...

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She Decided to be Happy

My dearest friend came across a packet of postcards and decided to gift me with them. They are amazing art – each with a lady dancing or in a yoga pose with a saying.  One card says “One day she woke up and decided to color outside of the lines.”  Another says, “One...

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