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Which Weight Loss Program Is The Most Successful?

Do you wish you could know for sure which weight loss program is the most successful? How about not one %100 of the time. Not even one 10% of the time, and maybe not any more than 5% of the time. Failure rates are most often quoted as 95% at the lowest. Real studies...

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The Incredible Practice Of Weight Loss

Our current lifestyle of cell phones and social media is creating a lack of focus and attention. I used to curl up with a book for hours - but now? I find it hard to stay sitting and focused for more than a few pages. The urge to “multi-task” is overwhelming. Our...

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Mind Over Body

Your belief system is creating your life and creating your body. I hear women say things like, “I feel fat today.” But we all know that fat is not a feeling. This is a thought she is thinking - a belief she has about herself that day. She feels fat. What kind of...

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How Neuroscience Beats Snacking

Your brain - you might think of it as organized little compartments where you can store stuff. Maybe you think of it as a master super computer that analyzes all your choices equally and comes up with the best solution for you. Nope, it’s not. Far from it. Your brain...

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Does Your Bathroom Scale Affect Your Mood All Day?

Do you weigh every morning? I do. Through thick or thin, I step on that monster every morning because eventually you stop seeing a monster and just see a number. And the number doesn’t always mean much at all. Because weight fluctuates, often for no apparent reason....

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When You Think, I Just Want It!

When you are about to eat, is your thought “Because I want it.” I hear and see this often. I was reflecting back on all the times I’ve dieted off weight. One of the most successful (though the 80 pounds came right back on again) was Weight Watchers “back in the day.”...

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Finding Weight Loss Support In Groups

How do you find support in groups? There is definitely power in numbers, but where do you find that kind of interaction and mutual support? Quite a while back, I was investigating just this thing on social media. There seems to be a group for just about anything on...

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Can Your Thinking Affect Your Eating?

Do you believe your thinking can affect what you eat and how much you eat? Why not? What if I could prove to you that the reverse is also true, what and how much you eat can affect your thinking? This is exactly what was demonstrated over 70 years ago by the Minnesota...

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Is Overeating A Food Addiction?

Because you cannot reign in your desire to overeat, do you chalk it up to “food addiction?” There are studies that seemingly point to food addiction because eating “turns on” the pleasure center in the brain. But the fact is, there are many things that turn on the...

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6 Ways Thinner Thoughts Can Create a Thinner You!

What you believe about your weight and your body creates the thoughts you think.  All your thoughts about it become your belief system, and that is what drives your actions. Your belief system is creating your life, just as surely as gravity holds you to the planet...

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