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Where is YOUR Excalibur?

Not long ago I came across a fascinating article.  It immediately captured my imagination. A little girl pulled a sword out of the lake believed to be the lake that holds King Arthur's sword. How fantastic is THAT! King Arthur received Excalibur from The Lady of the...

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On the Other Side of Hard and Difficult

This morning the universe emailed a reminder to me that all the hard and difficult things I've ever attempted was only hard and difficult before I began on it. There is so much truth to that. I can look back over the last two years at all the "hard things" I faced and...

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Getting Vulnerable About Weight Loss

"And in hindsight now, I know how much of my life I wasted on this obsession. How much of my energy was wasted on hating myself - hating my body - and blaming myself for failure after failure."   What do I have to offer that a zillion other weight loss books,...

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When YOU Cross The Line: Boundaries Part 2

The truth is if someone throws down a boundary like a slap in the face, they are lashing out of their emotions. You can present a boundary without making it be your weapon. If you feel like you *need* to present it in advance to let the other person know you have a...

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When Others Cross The Line: Boundaries Part 1

Personal boundaries are the physical, emotional and mental limits we establish to protect ourselves from being manipulated, used, or violated by others. They allow us to separate who we are, and what we think and feel, from the thoughts and feelings of others....

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The Desire To Overeat: Retrain Your Brain Part 2

Have you seen people who will always leave a bite or two of food on their plate? I learned to do this to break away from the notion that I have to “clean my plate.” I no longer feel I have to do this all the time, but I do often still leave a little food on my plate...

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The Desire To Overeat: Retrain Your Brain Part 1

Why do you want to get control of your eating and stop the desire to overeat? Of course there is the whole body image thing, but there is also an element of feeling out of control. You do not like the feeling that you cannot stop myself - the DESIRE to go eat...

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Do You Pass Up The Beach Because of Your Weight?

Can’t do a beach day with the girls because you’re going to be so embarrassed stuffed into a granny one-piece with wobbly thighs hanging out? Have you ever passed up an event because you didn’t want to be “seen?” How about passing up an event because you’ve been...

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How to Find Your Meta-Skill For Weight Loss

What is a meta-skill? There were numerous definitions when I Googled this. After reading bunches of views and interpretations, here is how I see it. A meta-skill is like a master skill that you apply to other skills you have. Say you are skilled at creating graphics...

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Weight Loss After 55 and After 60?

For many of us, life gets better—easier, even—as we get older. We get more comfortable and confident in our own skin. But we may still be facing the same weight loss, yo yo dieting struggle we’ve dealt with our entire life. All those years we wasted taking a pass on...

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