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Have you dieted over and over?  I want you to share your story with me so we can discover which of your beliefs have been holding you back. 

Together we’re going to get really curious about your mind and your emotions so you can learn about yourself. As your coach, I can help you end the drive to want to overeat. You are going to get in touch with feelings that you’ve been keeping buried by eating.  I open up a listening space.  
I don’t judge, I don’t assume, I LISTEN. 
I will take you through 6 weeks of learning about yourself, discovering just what will move you forward and start reshaping your thinking and your body. You can be at peace with food. The techniques I teach can actually transform all areas of your life. So join me, Joann Filomena. Together, let’s begin your journey. I am ready for this work! Are you?   Click below to learn more.